Friday, June 19, 2009

What’s Holding You Back? It’s Time to Set Your Self Free!

I am now an insurance man

Recently, I attended a two-day intensive seminar on life insurance customized for professionals who want to get a license as underwriter and sales agent of life insurance. In the morning of the second day, I took the exam in IIAP Makati and passed the licensure exam of Insurance Commission with a rating of 96%. With so high an expectation, I was a bit disappointed for not getting a perfect score because my mentor was so good... and charming too! (Well, her name speaks much about her looks—Charmaine). The name of the company that sponsored me is First Life Insurance. People in First Life were so nice and accommodating. They call themselves FirstLifers.

I got myself in with the company through a friend and previous officemate who invited me to try the rewarding passive income opportunity that insurance business offers for enterprising professionals. Thanks to my friend, Arnold Manapat, I am now a licensed insurance underwriter, agent and practitioner. Another feather on my cap, huh! But more than that, I consider it as another goldmine of opportunity. I can build a business empire out of it and make it a vehicle for attaining financial security for myself and my family.

Every time I brag about this new accomplishment to my associates, colleagues and friends, they would usually raise their eyebrows and ask: why do you have to add another source of income stream for yourself? You are already doing fine as an officer of your company, you have training consultancy jobs on the side, you are into real estate selling and network marketing as well, so why add another business line in your portfolio? That’s so much headache and time constraint to handle. How can you afford to manage all of those “rackets”? My answer is short, sweet and simple: WHY NOT? And as to the HOW, here’s my personal experience and philosophy that will explain it all.

What will you do if you don’t have a choice?
My extraordinary work experience at a very young age made me a success conscious person. I got married at the age of 21 before I even graduated from college. I was forced to look for a high paying job right after my graduation in 1998 because I needed to start a family of my own all by myself. I landed on a sales and marketing field work offering VIP cards to households and offices, walking all day long under the heat of the sun, getting soakingly wet under heavy rains, making do of skyflakes and softdrinks for a meager lunch wherever and whenever hunger and thirst strike.

Part of my unforgettable experience was the sight of a big mad dog, with its furious eyes and growling teeth, running towards me as I opened the gate of a prospect’s house. It was terrifying. Another irritating yet funny experience I had was being caught by a guard on duty inside an office while offering discount cards to employees during office hours. With a visitor’s ID pinned on my chest, the guard was literally driving me away out of the office premises as if I were a robbery suspect. Oh, boy! It was really humiliating.

Having all these experiences, plus the daily challenge to convert a hard sales pitch into a successful closing, made me a tougher and wiser salesman every day. One powerful belief I learned that helped me overcome every obstacle that stood my way was this: I became a salesman because I may have no choice, but there’s one thing I can choose to do despite of and in spite of anything—I can choose to be the best salesperson in the field. That was once source of power that no one can take away from me.

Will Power and Focus
Every person has the capacity to become successful regardless of his status in life. Whatever we do in life and whatever we want to accomplish, we can always make it possible as long as we want it. We can make things happen by focussing intensely on the reason why we need to do it. This is the very principle that makes a laser work – FOCUS. A laser focus comes from a strong will. My selling experience which started at a very young age shaped the foundation of my strong will power which helped me accomplished important goals in life. Will power is human being’s mental faculty that heats up every desire and turn it into a red hot burning energy that fires up human spirit. Will power provides the ”WHY” in every human endeavour. When the WHY is big enough the HOW becomes easy! A very clear and concrete alignment between the WHY and the HOW makes one a zero-limit person. This personal belief and philosophy is at the core of my consciousness about success.

Empowering vs. Disempowering Beliefs
Over the years and through the seminars I conduct, I have met several people who believe that they no longer have the chance and capacity to become better most specially in their financial status. Every time I ask them about their goals and wants in life, they have so much to share but they feel so helpless about how they can achieve them. So I tell them this. “Congratulations for having a goal and sticking to your dreams. But let me ask you this million peso question: What is preventing you from achieving them? What is holding you back from pursuing your dreams?”

It’s no longer surprising to hear them answer this way:

“Sir, I am already too old for this kind of job.” (Excuse made by an old fellow)

“How can I do that? I don’t have enough experience.” (Reason from a young professional)

“Sir, I really want to but I don’t have the money and other resources to pursue it.” (Justification from a willing person but lacks capital)

“You can rightfully say that because you are lucky to have finished a college degree and you have the right skills needed for the job. But how about me? I am only a high scholl graduate from the province and all I know is to cook, clean the house and take care of my kids.” (A seemingly valid reason from a complaining housewife)

Here’s a very compelling argument from a student who just graduated from college. Expressing his angst with strong sarcasm (his frustration about not getting a job after several application attempts must have something to do with it), he raised his voice like an anti cha-cha protester in Mendiola and said: “Sir, I really want to become successful but what else can I do? I was born poor. My parents are poor. I went to a school for the poor. I am living poor. How can I have the opportunity to become rich?”

I pity them for their answers, not because of their seeming hopeless status in life, but the real hopelessness of their mindset and the overpowering negative beliefs that are keeping them poor in spirit. They are so overwhelmed by what they believe is true. Subconsciously, this results to a paradigm that causes mental and physical paralysis that keeps them from moving forward and pursuing greater opportunities in life. They are held hostage by their own disempowering beliefs.

What’s the real problem?
This is what I told them. You know, I really want to help you but I can’t because the real problem is within you. Therefore, the solution also lies in you. What I can only do is inspire you. The real problem is this: What is holding you back is not what you think you are, but what you think you are not. What is keeping you from achieving your dreams are not the things that you already have but the things you think you lack of and you are not capable of doing. That explains why most people were already told and taught what to do, but they do not do it. Jack Canfield said: “The real problem is not knowing what to do, the real problem is knowing why we don’t do it.”

The Truth Shall Set You Free
My friends, the saying “The truth shall set you free,” has a profound meaning that we need to take seriously. Everything starts from awareness. But for awareness to take place we must be open first and willing to learn. Becoming aware of the things or beliefs that were ingrained in our subconscious mind and how they put limits to our human capacity is a very significant self-liberating experience that will bring us to the right path. This is what is truly meant by the saying ‘real change comes from within.’ Most people are so serious about changing their results or the outside but they refuse to change the way they think or the inside. What is holding you back is inside you. What will set you free is also you.

I had the same self-liberating experience few years back. When I was 25 (that was 8 years ago but I still have the same looks and energy today...!!!) I made a promise to myself to become a millionaire in 5 years time. When I reached the age of 30, the opposite happened. I became broke. My three credit cards were all ridden with debt. Every time the phone rings in my office, I have a ready answer to the caller who looks for me in the other line. “I’m sorry he already resigned. We know nothing about his whereabouts now.” Of course I faked my voice so that the collector will not recognize me. It was a scary moment. The thought of it even haunted me in my dreams. I got mad with the situation...really, really mad! I asked myself: “Why is this happening to me? I have the best intention in life, for myself and my family, but how come life is so hard on me? What’s wrong with me?”

That last statement was stunning. It struck my internal system. There’s something wrong with me! It works like a virus that corrupts my operating system. Nothing better will happen unless this wrong is corrected. With this awareness came the realization that if the problem is in me or with me, I, therefore hold the solution. I am the key! That was the start of my self-liberation. It helped unleash the great potential in me.

The WHY is the key
I am a YES man! I exploit every opportunity that comes my way. I live with the principle that success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet. I can do and pursue several things at a given time because I do believe I am a zero-limit person. From being a hands-on father to three lovely daughters, a loving husband to my sexy and beautiful wife, a full-time employee with a key position as a junior executive, a training consultant for several marketing companies, a head of my own sales and marketing division in real estate, a network marketer, a motivational speaker, and now a licensed insurance man, all these I can do because I refuse to put a limit to myself. I assert that I am a free man, and free man that I am, I am exercising my birthright to use my freedom—echoe of William Wallace’s dialogue in the movie Braveheart.

So, what’s holding you back? If nothing, why are you not doing the things you know you are suppose to do? Remember, the WHY is more important than the WHAT. Find it in your heart. Once you discover it, the HOW will follow. It’s time to set yourself free!

May all our dreams come true.


JUN PRILA is a self-proclaimed EMPRENEUR (employee-entrepreneur), a futurist and success motivator with more than 1O years of solid sales and corporate training experience. He is an Assistant Vice President for Training and Sales Support Services of a major real estate industry player and a training consultant for MegaEast Properties (Sta Lucia) and Global Homes Realty Corp. He is known as “MR. ENERGY” of training because of his energy-filled and high impact training performance style that makes his participants scream and stand on their feet. For more information and training inquiries, call Tel No. 02-6873466 or Mobile 0922-3930361.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Ang problema....
• Wala kang pang down payment
• Takot ka sa buwanang hulog
• Maliit lang ang monthly income mo
• Baka malayo, hindi maganda ang bahay at hindi sigurado

We really don't need money to make money or produce our desired goal. All we need is just a good idea and pursue it.



Ang buwanang upa....
• Pwede ng reservation
• Pwede ng panghulog kada buwan
• Kayang-kaya sa net income na P9,200++
• Pwede ng gamitin para magkabahay ka

Dahil dito…50 hectares SOLD OUT!

THE PROJECT: REDWOOD RESIDENCES (Pulong Buhanging, Sta. Maria, Bulacan)


Reserve ka lang ng P3,500
No Equity or Down Payment.
Applyfor a Loan thru PAG-IBIG.
P9,200++ monthly income
Ang Monthly Amortization P3,300++ lang.

Bakit ka pa maghihintay? JUST DECIDE...NOW NA!!! Contact me.

Monday, June 8, 2009


For so many years we set goals, only to see them remain incomplete…

As a leader or manager of your own team, do you find yourself constantly frustrated and discouraged with your people’s progress because...

" They Have Already Been Told What To Do --- But They Simply Just Don’t Do It"

The real problem is not ‘knowing what to do’. The problem is ‘knowing why don’t we do it’.

So, why is it that most people don’t do the things they know they should – to create success?

Here’s a clue – it’s all about the way they think. Not what they thinkbut the way they think.

James Allen said:
“One of the reasons people don’t achieve their dreams is that they desire to change their results without changing their thinking.”

This is the key to unleashing the potential of every person. The secret to peak performance is all in the MIND. According to BUDDHA:

"All we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become. "

Finally, a training program that will zero in on this secret has been developed. After years of study, research, and development of the module, the program is now finally tested. The facilitator himself applied the principles and processes to his career and own business endeavours and alas! All his goals have come to fruition. Everything he set for himself he achieved 100%. Now it’s time for him to share the success formula through a full-packed and energy-blazing training program entitled:


· Raise your ENERGY level that will help determine your maximum RESULTS
· Double and even triple your sales and income without so much effort
· Create a multi-millionaire mindset that will help set your positive psychology about money
· Discover how to live your life with abundance
· Learn the secret fountain source of staying young and being positive
· Learn the secret of World-class Achievers and Why Goals Fail
· Master SUCCESS PRINCIPLES and LAWS that guarantees ACHIEVEMENT of desired results once you apply them
· Empower your people with the ultimate motivation to succeed

Will you take the next EXIT or just proceed with your trip to NOWHERE?

Most leaders would want to change drastically the result and performance level of their people but they fail to make one major action. And this action is absolutely for FREE. They fail to make a…


Decide now for yourself and your people. If you fail to decide, you are still deciding… you decide not to decide. So, decide anyway and make a difference. This is now the PROGRAM your PEOPLE have been waiting for. IT’S TIME TO UNLEASH THEIR TRUE POTENTIAL!

Successful people make good decisions early in their life and they manage them for the rest of their life. --JOHN MAXWELL--

CRISIS??? Will you simply REACT during the economic downturn,

or ACT upon it?


JUN PRILA is a self-proclaimed EMPRENEUR (employee-entrepreneur), a futurist and success motivator with 1O years solid sales and corporate training experience. He is an Assistant Vice President for Training and Sales Support Services of a major real estate industry player and a training consultant for MegaEast Properties (Sta Lucia) and Global Homes Realty Corp. He is known as MR. ENERGY of training because of his energy-filled and high impact training performance style that makes his participants scream and stand on their feet. For more information, call Tel No. 02-6873466 or Mobile 0922-3930361.


It’s month of June once again. The opening of classes marks another school year for students and people in the academe. If you are one of the million parents who find ways and means to be able to send your children to school despite of tight budget, school opening is indeed a great challenge for you in carrying out your responsibility as provider for the needs of your children. For the students, it means a significant step towards securing a bright future for themselves and their families in pursuit of a more successful life. For parents, educators and other learning institutions, the month of June is but an important stage in the cycle of human endeavour and man’s ultimate desire for fulfilment, happiness and success.

I am one of the many concerned parents who find great significance in the challenge of school opening. Six years ago, I experienced the unforgettable feelings of mixed excitement and nervousness about my daughter’s first few days in school. Watching my daughter (Sophia) inside the classroom with her innocent and apprehensive face as she interacts with the real world for the first time was quite exhilarating.

I am re-living that experience again this school year as my second daughter (Alexa) formally enters the pre-elementary school. Unlike Sophia, Alexa seems to be more psyched up mentally and emotionally as she prepares to join a new circle of friends and classmates. It may not be as exciting as the first time, but the delightful feeling of seeing another kid grow and become more independent is pretty much fulfilling.

Being able to send my kids to a class “A” school and the significant experience that goes with the process is quite a learning encounter for me. More than my role as a lone bread winner parent, my sense of fulfilment stems from the fact that I am able to do what I am suppose to do, overcome difficult challenges of life and serve the desires of my heart. What gives me real sense of fulfilment is the hope and belief that I can make things happen for my children as long as I want them and work on them. The things my family and I are enjoying at the moment most specially our financial readiness to provide for every important thing we need, are the results of right decisions we made conscientiously in the past coupled with productive actions we did consistently over time.

Since the future of our children depends on us parents, it pays for us to be more success conscious as we take seriously our role as providers. Being success conscious means getting ready for every opportunity that will come our way so that we will be the first to grab it when it comes. The saying “Success happens when opportunity and preparedness meet”, aptly captures its essence.

What practical application can we possibly get from this success idea? A housewife, for example, instead of being contented just being at home taking care of the kids, should now entertain thoughts and ideas on how she can earn something during her spare time. She can choose from ample opportunities like joining direct selling business, network marketing, selling real estate and insurance or pursue any entrepreneurial undertaking that can help provide extra income for the family. For the struggling full-time employee who tries his best to make both ends meet for himself and his family, he should now look for other means to maximise his income potential.

The best way to start is to increase one’s awareness by learning something new and by applying it. Anyone can start where he stands regardless of his present status in life. All it takes is a strong determination and red hot willingness to fulfil what the heart desires. For as long as there is belief, there is no limit to what one can create. There is no limit to what one can do.

The lifestyle of our children and the kind of life they will live in the future is very much determined by our efforts today. We should be able to give them the best future they truly deserve. This is the best motivation we can have and live with as parents. At the end, this will measure how great we lived our lives and fulfilled our mission as providers. And this duty we owe to the great Provider, who, like us will never forsake his children on earth. We are just mere instruments of Our Father. We can never afford to fail Him.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Real Taste of Green Life at Paniqui, Tarlac

Hello everyone! I'm back. It's been awhile I haven't written in my blog. No training lessons for now. Let me talk about a new job I'm into. I need to make more money this year in order to make one major goal come true-- a brand new car.

I'm doing a PR work for a new real estate project in Tarlac. I'm featuring here the article I wrote for a local magazine circulated in North Luzon. Hope you'll find it interesting. Keep your energies burning!

A Taste of LIFE at Green Meadows Tarlac

The fast-paced and taxing urban lifestyle has become so complicated and strenuous. It brings everyday living to a level where true comfort, safety, well-being and quality life is already beyond our reach. The delight of experiencing the joy and love of being with a family in a place called home has now become a real-life challenge. A promise of clean, green, fresh and new suburb lifestyle that guarantees a lasting score of value for the future is a fitting solution to this dilemma.

Nested along the stretch of the highly accessible Mc Arthur Highway that serves as a gateway to the Northern part of Luzon, Green Meadows in Paniqui, Tarlac is the finest answer to fulfill the promise of a clean, green and quality living. With close proximity to Hacienda Luisita and Metro town Tarlac, access to major commercial and entertainment establishments is definitely very ideal. Up north, a mere leisure drive can bring one to Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines.

The project rests beside a mango orchard and farm land where an idyllic view of cool mountains and green scenery makes you in touch with nature. Cool breeze of rainforest, smell of fresh air, beautiful landscape, clean and green living-- all these give a true taste of life at Green Meadows.

Backed by the technology and expertise of STA. LUCIA LAND, one of the largest and most experienced real estate developers in the country, Green Meadows with its “green and park-like” community concept proves to be a fitting source of competitive edge that will pave the way for Sta. Lucia’s claim as the recognized leader in the real estate industry in the North. The establishment of a fully integrated commercial and residential community setting and the upscale amenities of the project will show Sta. Lucia’s commitment to excellence and quality development. This will now set a new standard in subdivision development in Tarlac hereby ensuring value-added benefits and unsurpassed quality experience of clients.

Green Meadows in Paniqui, Tarlac is exclusively marketed by Mega East Properties, Inc. As a true leader of innovation, MEPI continues to move into new market frontiers -- redefining itself as an excellent and aggressive marketer in every strategic area of its operation. As the youngest marketing arm of Sta. Lucia, MEPI has earned the reputation as one of the best trained and most effective sales and marketing force in subdivision selling and other allied horizontal projects. Professional sales service is carried through trend-setting innovations in marketing practices and strategic training of MEPI sales force. With its aggressive campaign in North Luzon, the company is now set to become one of the biggest sales and marketing networks in the country through quality and continuous recruitment campaigns spearheaded by highly experienced Vice Presidents who run a totally empowered team of sales force. As a major source of competitive advantage, MEPI sales people are unmatched when it comes to sales and marketing excellence.

With the extensive range of features and amenities of Green Meadows, we are able to reach out to the needs of diverse market. For the aggressive and highly capable investors, commercial lot inventories are available fronting the busy Mc Arthur Highway. This will pave a concrete opportunity for the area in front of Green Meadows as the new commercial hub of Tarlac in the making. On top of this, there are various choices of residential lots for the typical Filipino families whose ultimate desire is to have their own dream house where they can live and enjoy with their family.

Green Meadows has significantly met the expectations of its target clients across Tarlac with superior facilities for its community members. The clubhouse is a perfect venue for family gatherings, occasions and other community celebrations. Having a covered basketball court convertible to badminton court will help maximize physical fitness and sports awareness among the youth. Swimming pool as recreation facility will help promote practical and convenient family bonding. The presence of landscaped open space will add more colour and freshness to the green environment. To complete the benefits for the whole family, Children’s playground will give wider space and appropriate ground for children’s mobilization while they play.

Other first-class amenities include:
• Grand Entrance gate and guard house
• Entry Statement
• Wide concrete road network
• Paved sidewalks, curbs and gutter
• Centralized interrelated water system
• Underground drainage system
• Meralco Electrical System

From conceptualization, to construction, to maintenance, to delivery of services and up to investment opportunities, Green Meadows gives an assurance of unmatched quality and guaranteed value through time. We make possible the ultimate experience of family life and love with a taste of green community living that can last forever.

Friday, August 8, 2008


It was around 1:00 o’clock in the morning. I just rested my back on my bed after watching a scifi DVD movie on my laptop. I was feeling so sleepy already when the SMS tone of my celphone subtly sounded. I’ve got a text message. I wondered while reaching for my phone: “Who could this be at this holy hour?” Without a grain of excitement I opened my phone and read the message: “ I’m leaving on a jet plane don’t know when I’ll be back again....Thanks for everything. I’ll miss you all!” – TERE.

Holy Ghost! I exclaimed. Tere is now leaving? Is it August 5 today? I was asking myself in silence. “Oo nga pala!” In short a moment I was astounded. I realized that one of my trusted staff in the office is already saying goodbye after 3 years of working hard in our department. She’s leaving for Australia to take up international marketing studies. I haven’t got the chance to wish her well personally before this day. I actually missed her supposed to be send -off party in the office because I was on a sick leave. Oh, what an opportunity I missed.

I felt so sorry. I keyed in the nicest words and best wishes in my SMS response to Tere. I was hopeful the text message I sent would express my deepest gratitude and convey my sincerest appreciation for everything she has contributed to our company.
Tere is a very talented and multi-skilled employee. She is a great loss in our department but I’m very happy for her. I know that this is something she really wanted. I’m sure the opportunity she chose to pursue in Australia will help assure a brighter future for her and her family.

Different people come and go in our life. Some stay for awhile. Some leave fast. Sometimes, we wouldn’t even notice the time that we have spent together with them. Whether they are friends, colleagues, a beloved someone or an ordinary acquaintance, they will surely leave behind us beautiful memories, wonderful learning experiences, moments of joy, goodwill, love. They are like treasures given to us as a gift that we have to keep in our hearts.

Thank you very much, Tere! You are a treasure that members of your family in Mt. Zion will forever keep. May all your dreams come true. God Bless You!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Target Remains

One great blessing I appreciate most in the company I work with is the privilege of being part of the executive committee which is mostly composed of top brass senior sales executives and corporate officers who are the best in their own fields of expertise. Being the youngest officer in the group, I am very fortunate to learn from their personal experiences time-tested principles and practices that have made all of them successful.

This is how wisdom freely comes to me like a flowing coffee. From a simple deliberation and sharing of thoughts and ideas up to the most serious exchange and clash of point of views, I consider every discourse and interaction with them very valuable in my own pursuit of personal success.

Our decision to stick with the original sales target we set early this year has inspired all the members of our executive committee to perform doubly hard in order to bring our sales performance a little closer to the target. Despite of lower production than what is expected, our focus remains on the goal we’ve set to achieve at the end of the year.

We no longer dwell with the current figure of our sales performance. We have already eliminated the negative feeling that we are still miles away from our target. The past nor the present will not prevent us from achieving what we really want. We are now creating reality based on what we want it to be in the future. We believe that there’s no limit to what all of us can create. That’s how we have conquered the fear that blocks the natural flow of abundance and unlimited opportunities towards us. We have replaced it with a more intense desire to be the best that we can be. We now work with a stronger faith. We believe that God will help us deliver for everything is possible with Him.